Package: scuba 1.11-1

scuba: Diving Calculations and Decompression Models

Code for describing and manipulating scuba diving profiles (depth-time curves) and decompression models, for calculating the predictions of decompression models, for calculating maximum no-decompression time and decompression tables, and for performing mixed gas calculations.

Authors:Adrian Baddeley [aut, cre], Vittorio Broglio [ctb, dtc], Pedro Antonio Neves [ctb, dtc], Andrew Bassom [ctb], Peter Buzzacott [ctb], Aren Leishman [ctb]

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# Install 'scuba' in R:
install.packages('scuba', repos = c('', ''))

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Help pageTopics
The Scuba Packagescuba-package scuba
Airair is.air
Ascent Rate or Timeascent
Real Scuba Dive Profilebaron
Find the Best Double Dive To Given Depthsbestdoubledive
Tissue data from Bookspan's bookBookspan
Decompression model ZH-L16ABuehlmannL16A
Extract Part of a Dive Profilechop.dive
Decompression Ceiling for a Diverdeco.ceiling
Extremely Deep Decompression Divedeepmine
Depths at each waypoint of a divedepths.dive depths.dive<-
Descent Rate or Timedescent
Define a Dive Profiledive
Durations of time between each waypoint of a divedurations.dive durations.dive<-
Equivalent Air Depthead eadtable
Equivalent Air DepthEND
Tissue Saturation by Haldane Modelhaldane
Haldane Type Modelhm
Recognise a Nitrox Gasis.nitrox
Optimal Nitrox Mixture For Given Depthmaxmix
Compute M-values for a Mixture of Inert GasesM0mix Mmix
Maximum Operating Depthmod
No-Decompression Limitndl
Nitrox Mixturenitrox
Pulmonary Oxygen Toxicityoxtox
Extract parameters from Haldane modelparam
Real Scuba Dive Profilespedro pedro902 pedro903 pedro904 pedro922 pedro943 pedro944 pedro945 pedro946 pedro948 pedro949 pedro950
Standard Decompression Modelspickmodel
Plot a Dive Profileplot.dive
Oxygen Partial PressuresppO2
Print a Dive Profileprint.dive
Saturated Tissue Statesaturated.state
Constants for Use in Scuba Packagescuba.constants
Disclaimer for Scuba Libraryscuba.disclaimer
Interactive Display of Diver Saturationshowstates
Extract or Change the Breathing Gas Tanks in a Divetanklist tanklist<-
Elapsed times at each waypoint of a divetimes.dive times.dive<-
Trimix Gastrimix
Which Tanks are Used during a Divewhichtank whichtank<-
Decompression model of Workman 1965Workman65